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Demonstration of youth groups of French and Italian far right movements

On July 29, the youth sections of France's main far right National Rally party and Italy's Lega Nord organized a joint demonstration at the Franco-Italian border. French youth group Generation Nation and Italy's Lega Giovani may be trying to build on the mouting anti-migrant sentiment Pietro Castelli Gattinara, assistant professor at the Center for Research on Extremism, of the University of Oslo told RFI's Pauline Bandelier

Ahead of his swearing-in on July 9, Erdogan sacked another 18,000 state workers

Since a failed coup two years ago, the Turkish government has fired more than 125,000 people, introduced emergency rule and clamped down on the media and the opposition. RFI's Pauline Bandelier spoke to Hişyar Özsoy, vice president of HDP, the largely Kurdish backed People's Democratic Party about Erdogan's latest purge

North Korea Sends Remains Of 55 American Servicement In North Korea

North Korea has returned the remains of more than 50 American soldiers who died during the Korean War. The move is part of a deal agreed by NK leader Kim Jong-Un and American President Donald Trump at a summit in Singapore A victory for Donald Trump? RFI's Pauline Bandelier talked to Antoine Bondaz, senior lecturer at Sciences Po and historian Leonid Petrov, visiting fellow at the Australian Embassy